Fire safety: in flats

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As a professional landlord, Thrive is committed to ensuring our homes meet
fire safety regulations.

How we keep your home fire safe – we:
  • Carry out Fire Risk assessments in all our blocks of flats every two years
  • Programme works and surveys identified in the fire risk assessment
  • Carry out regular emergency lighting testing
  • Replace emergency lighting where required
  • Carry out quarterly inspections in all our blocks of flats and follow our ‘Flat Out Policy’ to ensure
    communal areas are kept clear and relevant action is taken
How you can help to keep your home fire safe:
  • Check your smoke alarm weekly
  • Keep communal areas clear and free from hazards
  • Do not smoke in communal areas
  • Ensure fire doors are always closed
  • Do not remove the door-closer or modify your fire door
  • Provide access for your annual gas safety check
  • Provide access for your 5-yearly electrical safety check
  • Contact us about any hazards in your home and/or communal area
  • Do not remove any internal door from its fittings
What to do if there is a fire in your flat:
  • Evacuate your flat, making sure the flat door is shut behind you.
  • Call the fire service on 999.
If you cannot escape:
  • Shout for help from a window.
  • Keep as many doors between you and the fire closed.
  • Your flat entrance door will give 30 minutes protection.
  • If you are trapped in a smoke filled room, crawl on your hands
    and knees keeping your face close to the floor.
If there is a fire elsewhere in your building:
  • STAY IN YOUR HOME, but leave immediately if smoke or heat
    affects your flat or if you are told to leave by the Fire Service.