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November 2018

VPS Garden Advisors Garden Tips for November 10 Jobs to do this month Clear up fallen leaves – especially from lawns, ponds and beds Raise containers onto pot feet to prevent waterlogging Plant tulip bulbs for a spring display next … Continue reading


VPS Garden Advisors   Garden Tips for June 10 Jobs to do this month Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds Be water-wise, especially in drought-affected area Pinch out sideshoots on tomatoes Harvest lettuce, radish, other salads and early potatoes … Continue reading


VPS Garden Advisors Garden Tips for May 10 Jobs to do this month Watch out for late frosts. Protect tender plants Earth up potatoes, and promptly plant any still remaining Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month … Continue reading


Top jobs for April       10 Jobs to do this month Keep weeds under control Protect fruit blossom from late frosts Tie in climbing and rambling roses Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seed outdoors Start to feed … Continue reading


Top jobs for March Mow the lawn on dry days (if needed) Plant summer-flowering bulbs Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials Top dress containers with fresh compost Feed all your plants with a balanced fertiliser to support new growth. … Continue reading

December Gardening Tips

10 Jobs to do this month Check your winter protection structures are still securely in place. Check that greenhouse heaters are working Insulate outdoor taps and prevent ponds from freezing Prune open-grown apples and pears (but not those trained against … Continue reading