Mentoring paves the way for success



Recognising talent and supporting people to reach their full potential are key to Thrive’s approach.

Our teams are passionate advocates of mentoring people to enable them to seize opportunities and fulfil their aspirations. Managers at Thrive can expect to undertake an ILM accredited session covering coaching and mentoring.

As well as encouraging informal mentoring of colleagues, senior staff are involved with various external mentoring schemes.

These include Edge Forward, a career and personal development programme for housing staff which involves mentoring sessions and training workshops around issues such as assertiveness, career planning, management styles and work-life balance.


Thrive spearheaded the ground-breaking Board Mentoring programme, aimed at strengthening the management and governance of social landlords.

Vale of Aylesbury housing and Housing Diversity Network working with Thrive Homes

Working in partnership with the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust and Housing Diversity Network, the scheme provides bespoke one-to-one mentoring and group workshops to develop the skills and confidence of housing providers’ board members.

Each mentee is closely matched with a knowledgeable mentor, who offers coaching and support, while the workshops address subjects such as leadership, finance, value for money, diversity and risk.

The initial six-month pilot proved such a success that the Board Mentoring programme has been taken up and rolled out nationally across the housing sector.




“This programme has been inspiring and mentoring should be used as a basis of support for all board members. We want board members who are ‘experts at being board members’, which means analysing information, asking the right questions and confidently applying the process of giving or withholding consent to decisions.”

David Orr, Chief Executive of the
National Housing Federation