Value for money

We focus on working effectively so that we can continue investing in your homes and building more homes for more people.

This is a challenge when costs are increasing - particularly for building supplies and materials that are needed to carry out repairs - and the government rent reduction is cutting our income by 1% every year until 2020. But Thrive is financially stable and committed to achieving best value for existing and future customers.

What you get for your rent

The average rent for a Thrive home is £106 per week. For this, as well as a good quality home, you get:

  • free gas safety service every year
  • electrical inspection every five years
  • regular inspections of your home and environment
  • fire assessments if you live in a flat
  • 24/7 emergency repair hotline and ‘make safe’ guarantee
  • regular repairs and maintenance work
  • professional advice to help you make a success of your tenancy
  • buildings insurance.

This is how an average week’s rent in 2017-18 was spent with over £40 going on keeping our properties in good condition:

“Most customers (79%) agree that Thrive offers good, cost-effective services for rent charged. However, we think there is room for improvement. Next year, Thrive is starting to introduce Home Plan visits that will help to schedule non-emergency repairs and aims to achieve savings by working smarter. We would welcome your thoughts about how things could be improved further.” To find out more, email:

Customer Experience Panel