Safe and secure

Thrive wants you to be safe and secure in your home. The safety checks we carry out are extremely important as they can save lives.

We monitor your gas, electrics, asbestos, fire and water and fix any safety issues identified. Thank you for keeping your appointment when we call!

Gas Safety is really important for you and your neighbours. Legally we have to check your home is gas safe every year. We will give you plenty of notice when your check is due. It is your responsibility to allow us access to carry out this work. In 2016-17, all Thrive properties were again

100% gas safe.

Flat out for fire safety

Customers in flats must keep staircases and access routes clear of hazards such as bikes, pushchairs and doormats. These items can make a dangerous situation worse by speeding up a fire and slowing down the emergency services.

Our teams reinforce this safety message and will tag and remove items blocking communal areas. Thank you for reporting hazards and encouraging everyone to take fire safety seriously.

“It can mean the difference between life and death if it causes difficulties for us getting through to tackle a fire or if it helps the fire spread.”

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service