More homes for more people

Thrive is growing and moving into new areas so we can provide more homes for more people. We’re proud to offer a wider choice of housing across the northern Home Counties.

Thrive became landlord of 298 more households in 2017 and built 43 new homes.

We’re building a further 100 homes in 2018/19, of which 90% are affordable housing.

There is huge demand for more affordable homes in the areas where we work. Typically, 44 customers apply for every home that becomes available for rent.

Whenever a home becomes available, we work quickly to get it ready for the next customer.

“We strongly support the development of new homes and understand the case for developing so long as the interests of existing customers are protected. We worked with Thrive to ensure that its new strategic framework balances its commitment to creating new homes and investing in those of existing customers." To find out more, email:

Customer Experience Panel