Action that makes a difference

We want to be open about where we can or cannot make a difference. Here are just three aspects of our work where the action we take is really effective.

Helping you keep your home

We don’t want you to lose your home but you are breaking your tenancy if you owe rent and it’s only fair that everyone pays their way. Where customers experience difficulty in paying their rent, our specialist team works with them to get back on track to keep their home. Thrive helps to fund the Citizens Advice to provide support.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

The areas where we work generally experience low levels of ASB (anti-social behaviour) and, when it is safe to do so, customers sort out basic neighbour issues involving specialist agencies as necessary. This approach results in the most sustainable solutions for all.

But, you can be sure we act wherever we are able to make an impact and we’re really successful at this.

Thrive is a landlord and complies with the laws that apply to its tenancies. To crack down and tackle serious problems when they occur we work with the police and local authorities (who have different legal powers) and have a good track record of dealing with serious ASB in its early stages. Once this has happened, Thrive can, and will, evict the person breaking their tenancy.

Boosting communities to benefit customers

We have good links with partners that can offer Thrive customers specialist support.

In 2017/18 we awarded £40,000 in community grants to organisations which support our customers. This included a grant enabling South Oxhey Citizens Advice to operate for two extra days a week and give telephone support Thrive customers wherever they live.

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“We worked with Thrive to change the way community grants are awarded to better target organisations and projects that more directly benefit Thrive tenants. Take time to tell us if this new approach is working on the ground in your community.” To find out more, email:

Customer Experience Panel

“I wish other organisations were as helpful and easy to work with as Thrive Homes.”

Ms A, Citizens Advice