Statement on fire safety following the Grenfell Tower fire

Following the news of the fire at Grenfell Tower in West London our thoughts are with the families of those affected. Whilst Thrive Homes does not own or manage any high rise flat blocks we recognise that our residents that live in low rise multi occupancy buildings may be concerned about the safety of their own home and family.

We want to reassure our residents that Thrive Homes takes fire safety very seriously. All our flat blocks are Fire Risk assessed every two years in line with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 legislation, and any identified works are programmed.

Smoke detectors, where fitted, are serviced annually and emergency lighting in our developments is regularly tested and inspected in line with regulatory requirements as part of our approach to fire safety.

One particular area of concern raised by the fire at Grenfell Tower is whether residents should stay in their home in the event of a fire. Residents should always follow the advice given for their specific building, which for most developments will be to stay in your home unless the fire is within your flat or you are in immediate danger. The walls, floors and doors to flats are capable of withstanding fire long enough for the fire service to arrive and deal with the fire.

It is usually safer for residents to stay put, call 999 and wait for the emergency services, preferably in a room with a window, rather than entering smoky corridors where it could be difficult to see. The fire service will be able to safely evacuate all or part of the building if necessary. This remains the accepted best practice for most multi occupancy buildings.

Residents can help support fire safety in their building by working with us to ensure communal areas are free of possessions and rubbish. If we contact you about a specific fire safety issue in your building, please do take the matter seriously as it is in everyone’s interest to reduce fire risk as far as possible.

As with any major incident it is likely that there will be learning points following the fire at Grenfell Tower, once a detailed investigation has been carried out and we will of course implement any new safety recommendations that result.

If you have any concerns in the meantime about fire safety within your own building or need general advice on fire safety in your home please contact us