When and who’s responsible?

We classify all repairs as emergency, urgent or routine. Please refer to the table below to see who is responsible for many common types of repair.

Emergency repair: Problems that immediately put your safety, security or health at risk. In these circumstances we will visit you within 24 hours to ensure you and your home are safe. To report an emergency repair, call 0800 917 6077. Please do not report emergency repairs using our online form or email address. If you make an emergency repair request and you are not at home when we call to address the problem, then the cost of the call out will be charged to you.

Examples include:

  • serious water leaks
  • electrical faults and failures
  • major structural damage
  • no heating in winter
  • no hot water in winter.

Urgent repair: This is a problem that you cannot reasonably live with for long, or is likely to get much worse if nothing is done. We will complete all urgent repairs within 5 working days and will always provide you with an appointment for your repair.

Examples include:

  • partial loss of electricity
  • partial loss of water supply
  • leaking roof
  • loss of water or space heating in summer.

Routine repair: These are those that can wait without causing you too much inconvenience. We aim to complete most routine repairs within 20 working days, but it can sometimes take longer if demand is high. We will always give you an appointment for your repair.

Examples include:

  • guttering
  • cupboard repairs
  • plaster work
  • communal repairs.

Communal decorating X Carried out as part of our improvement programme. For more information click hereRoofing and gutters XRoutine

Responsibility You Thrive Homes Priority Additional Information
Communal lighting X Emergency Classed as emergency when all lights are affected. Would be an urgent repair if single light.
Communal doors X
Replacement keys X We can order you a replacement communal key but you will have to cover the cost of it
Internal decoration X
Garden maintenance X If you have a shared communal garden – your grounds maintenance service charge pays for this service
Consumables e.g. lightbulbs, fuses X
Damage caused by misuse or neglect X
Connecting appliances e.g. washing machines X
Breakdown of appliances e.g. cooker, washing machine X
Boiler service X We carry this out every year and we will let you know in advance when yours is due.
External drainage X Urgent  If your drainage issue is due to sewage, please call your water provider. In Three Rivers this is Thames Water on 0800 714614
Windows (handles and hinges) X
Locked out of property X
External Doors (excluding door furniture) X Routine
External Doors – Door Furniture X Including lost or broken keys, letter boxes and door bells. See also external door locking mechanism
External door locking mechanism  


X Urgent Insecure locking mechanism. We recharge for replacement keys (including communal systems)
Internal doors – door furniture X
Internal doors – frames & hinges X  Routine
Door furniture e.g. letterbox, bell, spy hole X
Wiring X Priority will depend on issue. Please contact us on 0800 917 6077 for more information.
Plumbing X Priority will depend on issue. Please contact us on 0800 917 6077 for more information as exclusions apply eg: toilet blockages, drains.
Heating (including radiators) X
Pest control (unless communal) X  If not communal, contact your Local Authority.  Three Rivers District Council offer a pest control service – 01923 776611
Gates and fences X  Note: we maintain some fences next to a public highway
TV aerial (unless communal) X If the fault is with a communal aerial please contact us on 0800 917 6077
Broken windows (glass) X
Sheds (wooden) X
Sheds (concrete/brick) X Routine If the fault is with the lock this is your responsibility
Plastering X

Missed Appointments. We may recharge you if you are not in when we call to carry out a repair or carry out the annual gas safety check.